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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find my race photo?

If the bib number search has been enabled for your race, be sure to type in only your number with no spaces or other symbols.

I did, still nothing...

You may also try searching the bib numbers of those around you.  Frequently, if you run with a partner or a group, your number wasn't visible but theirs was and you can locate yourself that way.

Your bib number might have been covered or otherwise not visible to the camera as you passed the photographers.  You may still have Photos available!  Check the No Bib Number Gallerie(s) for the event and browse though them.  This can be tedious, but often worth it.  

But there is no search field for my event...

Some events are not searchable by bib number due to many factors.  Though I would love to provide that search convenience for every event, it is not always possible.  In this case, it is required that you browse through the photos until you locate yourself in the field.  (I always post the photos in the order taken, so if you are a fast runner, look towards the front, and slower runners/walkers towards the back, etc.)

I have tried everything, I still can't find myself...

Inevitably sometimes this happens.  You may not have one.  A big factor is running to close behind someone else or in a large group.  When this happens,  it appears to the photographer that you are almost "hiding."  If you cannot see the camera, the camera cannot see you.  Keep this in mind at future events when you would really like a professional photo to remember your accomplishment.

And, admittedly, sometimes... we just miss ya.  Auto focus can go wonky, batteries might need to be changed, data cards swapped out: Many factors which I try to limit by having multiple photographers, but some may still fall through the cracks.

I'm supposed to be able to get my images for free, but I don't know how...

Click here for video instructions.

How do you pronounce "Ploen?"

In the original German, it is spelled differently.  The English translation is rough but suffice to say, I believe the correct pronunciation lies somewhere between "Plune" and "Ploin."  I most commonly pronounce it in one syllable rhyming it with "phone."

Do you do more than just sports photography?

As time permits.  Please feel free to contact me and tell me what you have in mind.  I have done a little of everything (portfolio here) and would love to do more.

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