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Photographs are usually considered to be a singular moment in time, frozen and captured to aid our memories of an event, a loved one, or a beautiful location. However, if you break it down to a fine enough time line, time passes even in a picture. There continues to be movement in the seemingly frozen image. May it be one-thousandth of a second, or one-tenth, or even a ten second exposure; everything that happened while that shutter was open is caught and printed on the film or digitized for us to view and share.

No matter how short the time, it was still a time. The shutter had to open before it could close. Mechanical things took place, and time passed. In that time, things changed. Maybe the subject is blurry and the movement is literally visible. Maybe only the background moved. Maybe we witness a runner crossing the finish line, and see a goal transition into an accomplishment. Maybe the change wasn't anything external, but rather an internal change that only close study of a carefully taken and well timed portrait can reveal.

Good photographs, to me, can be one of the simplest ways of telling a story. Luck has a role to play here, yes. There is also a certain amount of skill in anticipating a moment and being ready for it as it comes to pass. This can be challenging in every environment, whether it is a portrait, a sporting event, or an exchange of vows; a moment will arise during each of these when each person drops their guard and bravely allows the photographer to see into their story.

The process is full of energy and intensely personal. I enjoy every aspect of shooting as well as digitally editing in post-production. It became obvious to me early on that these are not always frozen moments in time, but have the potential of being living moments full of life, time, and change. My hope is not to freeze anything in time, but only to preserve stories and ready them to be shared for generations.

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